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  2010 Dodge Dakota –The dazzling dynamics

When you hear the name of Dodge, you straight away can dream about a truck with exclusive exterior and extreme performance that can make the insider happier and satisfied. This trucking company has created many miracles in the form of Pickup trucks and one of the leading names in the same category is the Dodge Dakota. The Dakota is being renovated and reconstructed this year with mesmerizing features and functions. Here is the review that really requires a view.


* 2010 Dodge Dakota overview


The Dodge Dakota is one of the roomiest vehicles that are having not only the largest payloads but also the towing capacity of the truck is quite sparkling. The overview of the truck shows that the exterior and interior of Dodge trucks are always attractive and so are in this model of Dakota 2010. Also the reconstructed model of this year is offering wider variety and specialty that can make the model distinguished and antique from other Pickup trucks. The compact size truck is having multiple features to please the truck users and transporters. The specialty of the truck can be narrated as the “smaller vessel with bigger capacities”.


The 2010 Dodge Dakota has been quite impressive in the space offering and performance generating. The truck is having quite impactive GVWR and also the EPA rate is marvelous. It’s the smaller sized trucks with bigger performances. Apart from the performances, the safety features are also added quite extensively in the truck and the warranty period of five years or the 100,000 mile Powertrain warranty is making the truck buyers not only attractive but convinced for buying these Compact Pickup trucks.


* The Exterior


The shape of Dodge Dakota is quite typical suiting to the tradition of Dodge Dakota. The Dodge has a wide mouth front and cross hair grille which gives the frontal look an impressive and male look to the exterior. The crew cab is offered with two different options of extended cab with 6.4 ft and the crew cab trim with 5.3 ft. The extended cabs are available in the ST form that are also known as the Lone Star and the crew cabs are represented with the model of Laramie with the TRX4 trims. The frontal part offers a space of three people in the cabin and the bench is having quite comfortable and classy seats. The same persons can have seat on the rear seats as well.


* The Trims available


2010 Dodge Dakota is available in two important trims. The first one of the V6 engined brand that is having 3.7 liter tank having 4 speed automatic transmissions and as an option the 5 speed automatic transmission is offered. This trim offers the fuel economy of 15 in the city and 20 on the highways. These vehicles are two wheel drive vehicles. The other superior trim offered for the quality seeker truck lovers are the models with 4.7 liter tank and engine of V8 which is called the best possible engine trim persuading the transporters. These models are available in the 4 wheel drives ad they are having 14 mpg on the streets and 19 on the highways. The additional superiorities of these trucks are the capacity and ability to run the trucks with the option of 385 Ethanol.


* The other features


Dodge Dakota is offering better styles for independent suspension and the coil over shock absorber from the front side. The two stage lead spring is good enough to haul the payloads in the rear side. The front disc and the rear ABS system is equipped with the drum brakes and the 4 wheel system is offered with the Extra Security package with additional airbags for the front and rear seaters.


So, these are the Dodge Dakota specialty and they are making the truck lovers enriched with the qualities and facilities offered with greater courage and passion.

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